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Côtes de Provence France

Saint André de Figuière

Saint André de Figuière is located between the Mediterranean Sea and the Massif of the Maures, between Toulon and Saint-Tropez. The property covers 70 hectares in the village of La Londe les Maures, 45 hectares are planted with vines surrounded by pine trees, cork oaks, strawberry trees and eucalyptus. The soils of the vineyard are composed of mica and schist with a low clay and humus content, as a result the soil has a tendency to become compact. The soils fragility gives it the capability to produce wines of remarkable finesse if worked rigorously and carefully. Saint André de Figuière has been using organic methods of farming in the vines for more than 25 years and is certified by ECOCERT. The region experiences long hours of sunshine, some of the longest in France, which enables good ripening of fruit and combined with the soil and the influence of the sea air, produces exceptional grapes and wines.

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