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Western Slovenia

Sinead & Liam Cabot, Roka Winery Roka

Since 2011 Sinead & Liam Cabot have been making wine in Western Slovenia. They have 1.5 hectares of vines and are making small quantities of high quality wines using 3 varietals: Furmint, Blaufrankisch & Laski Riesling. Liam & Sinead are great believers in doing as little as possible to their wines. In their own words: ' The only process undertaken in the cellar is the addition of very minimal amounts of sulphite when required. No sedimentation, no inoculated yeasts, no temperature control, no acidity adjustments, no enzymes etc...No nothing.' But theirs is not a careless, carefree approach to winemaking; it is surprisingly difficult to do nothing because it comes with risks. Their wines are characterised by a striking minerality and are very much 'of the earth'. We stock the Furmint and Blaufrankisch and each is a testament to the skill of this Irish winemaking couple.