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Nuits Saint Georges:

Henri Gouge

We are privileged, both to have a small quantity of 1er Cru wines from this estate but also to have been invited to visit the estate in 2012 where I met the wine maker Grégoire Gouges, great grandson of Henri.

Henri inherited the Domaine soon after the 1st World War and increased the holding in Nuits St Georges to 14.5 ha, 6 of which are 1er Cru sites and amongst the very best. Henri was so highly regarded he was commissioned by the INAO to identify the various Cru sites and decide on the Grand cru designation and the 1er Crus. Gregoire speaks with pride that despite his great grandfather’s ownership of the prestigious sites he refrained from awarding any with the prized Grand Cru status, most likely through modesty.

When I met Grégoire I was so taken with both the wine and story behind the white La Perriére that he kindly allocated 64wine a case each year. The wine , I believe is the only non white (Chardonnay) 1er Cru in Burgundy. The Pinot Noir mutated in the early 1900’s into a white grape which was named after the estate. This ‘Pinot Gouges’ is distinctly different from traditional whites and a real rarity for Burgundy lovers.

The wines from the Domaine , who most feel represent the best from the commune, were austere when young and benefitted greatly from patient aging. The arrival of Grégoire heralded a change in direction for the estate. Subtle changes were made which has resulted in the quality levels being maintained while ensuring that the wines were more approachable in their youth. Incidentally the estate became organic in in 2008.

These are highly sought after and a wine that I personally collect.

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