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Domaine Tempier, Bandol

Domaine Tempier is renowned for its top quality wines form Bandol – a sun-drenched part of Provence, facing to the Mediterranean. The wine has been made in Tempier as far back as 1834, but the winery owes its iconic status to Lucien and Lucy (Lulu) Peyraud – a charismatic couple who inherited the Domaine in the 1930ies. For decades, they worked tirelessly, placing Bandol on the map of the finest wines of France and reclaiming the reputation of Mourvedre – the principal grape variety of the area, capable of producing age worthy, rich and savoury wines. Lucy’s and Lucien’s work has been continued by their children and for the last twenty years the Domaine is overseen by the talented Daniel Ravier, who ensures that the consistent quality and style of wine is preserved, while adapting to the changing environment with future generations in mind.

38 hectares of the Tempier’s vines are planted on a mixture of clay and limestone, mostly on the terraced slopes. The grapes bask in full sun and the cooling sea breezes bring much needed relief to the vines. Farming has always been organic, so the move to biodynamics over the last ten years came naturally.

Predominating Mourvèdre is supplemented by Grenache, Cinsault, Syrah and Carignan, while the white varieties are in minority (mostly Clairette, Ugni Blanc, Marsanne and Bourboulenc). Apart from the four captivating reds which are aged for minimum of two years, Domaine Tempier is perhaps most known for the Bandol Rosé – a textural, food friendly wine enjoying a cult – like status.

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