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Domaine Jean Chauvenet

The Chauvenet family trace their wine making roots back to 1680 in Nuit St Georges (NSG). Jean Chauvenet retired in 1994 when his son-in-law, Christophe Drag took over the reins. Their holdings account for 9.5ha in NSG. The best sites in the southern part of the commune, include Vaucrains, Cailles and St Georges. Here the soils are a heavier brown limestone and produce more structured, fuller and more muscular style wines.

Since 1994 Christophe has practiced a low input cultivation policy, which restricts the use of chemicals. More recently he has planted grass between the rows of vines which has the effect of reducing vigour which reduces the yield per hectare thereby improving the grape quality and ultimately the wines concentration and intensity. The Chauvenet wines are considered old-school and capable of considerable aging.

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