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Chambolle Burgundy

Comte de Vogüé

Have both collected and loved the wines of de Vogüé for many years. I consider them as amongst the jewels in the crown of 64wine. In 2015 I was so fortunate to be invited to meet François Millet at the estate. François is the technical director of this historic estate based in the village of Chambolle. The visit was truly memorable, having been cautioned that we had 15-20 minutes maximum to taste through the wines, I finally left after nearly 2 hours. I have several fixations about wine and reduction is one. François patiently spent time speaking about the issue. I came away with both a greater understanding of reduction but more importantly with a real regard for Francois’s patience and generosity. These are expensive wines. However, I defy anyone who understands wine, and who has tasted these wines to say they are too dear. I believe that any real wine-lover should at least once in their life enjoy a glass of wine from this estate. The estate was founded in 1450 and comprises 12.5ha in and around the village of Chambolle-Musigny. It has been in the hands of the family for 20 generations. They practise ‘Lutte Raisoneé’, constantly adapting practises to the prevailing vineyard and vintage conditions. A maximum of 33% new oak is used in the aging of wines as more will obsure the differences between wines.