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Rioja Alvasia


Since 1991 Miguel & Conchi Blanco have been making wines under the Artuke name: This  is derived from the names of their two sons Arturo & Kike who are also involved in the family business. Bodegas Artuke is a 22 hectare  estate in Banos de Ebro, Rioja Alavesa. This region is cooler than other parts of Rioja due to the influence of the Atlantic breeze.

The Blanco’s make wine outside of the strict DOC controls in Rioja as they believe it allows them to express the wines origins and purity of fruit more clearly. This is a huge risk for a winemaker but I think it has really paid off. Artuke consists of five separate sites where grapes are grow. Each has a different soil type and altitude and each of their wines are distinctive and represent their place of origin.

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